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THE83: Don’t Make A Living, Design A Life (By Doing)

Our Guest is Jordan Paris

Jordan Paris photoWhen was the last time you did something just for the sheer fun of it? Do you find your days are filled with calendar appointments, an inbox of unread emails and an ever-growing to-do list?

Have you forgotten to approach life with a childlike enthusiasm? Well, our next guest has the remedy for this.

Our guest today is Jordan Paris. His approach is unlike other entrepreneurs (myself included) as he believes that curiosity, joy, and love must be at the core of what we do and work should follow after.

Innovation is at the heart of most successful businesses and his invigorating methods will help reignite the imagination and creativity in your business.

His unique approach to life and work is definitely paying off as he is a 21-year-old author, web-developer, podcast host, and former college athlete seen in Men’s Health, Yahoo Finance, and Nasdaq. Jordan’s podcast, Growth Mindset University, was ranked #227 in the iTunes Education category.

On the show, he has interviewed stars such as David Meltzer, Mark Manson, Rachel Starr, and Dan Lok. His mantra is best epitomized in his book Growth Mindset University.

Jordan will summon you to seek your own unique truths. Empower yourself with his mantra: “Don’t make a living, design a life.”

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