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THE230: The Go-Giver Marriage Book Review with the Authors John and Ana Mann

Our Guest are John and Ana Mann

John and Ana Mann

For more than a decade, readers of the bestselling Go-Giver series have been clamoring for a book on how to apply the philosophy at the heart of The Go-Giver to their personal relationships. From the original story’s co-author and his wife, a clinically trained therapist, this long-awaited sequel shows readers how to unlock a profoundly satisfying, abundant relationship based on simple, everyday acts of generosity.

The secret to making a relationship last is not about finding someone who will love you forever. It’s about finding someone who makes you feel loved, valued, and loved in return. It is also not about the amount of time you spend with your partner, but rather its quality.

John David Mann is co-author of more than thirty books, including four New York Times bestsellers and five national bestsellers; his classic 2008 parable The Go-Giver (co-authored with Bob Burg) earned the 2017 Living Now Book Award’s “Evergreen Medal” given for its “contribution to positive global change.”

Ana Gabriel Mann, MA, earned her degree in clinical psychology before serving as a celebrated educator, therapist, corporate trainer, speaker, and coach. She currently coaches Go-Giver Marriage clients and leads the Go-Giver Marriage Coaches Training Program, training coaches from around the globe.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about:

[00:22] What’s in for you in today’s episode

[01:51] A bit about the book; The Go-Giver Marriage

[03:34] Ana’s experiences in writing and her comments about the book

[06:08] It’s better to learn from experts who have been there before

[08:13] Giving yourself away in a relationship is a key ingredient ignored by many

[14:27] How they navigated through the demands of time and responsibilities

[20:16] The best audience for the go-giver marriage book

[21:43] Once an author, always an author until death

[28:24] What’s the secret to the success of their book

[34:14] Meaning of parable in the Go-Giver context

[39:37] Any hopes of a Go-Giver masterclass?

[42:17] How you can connect with John and Ana

[43:20] Key takeaway tips from Ana

Notable quotes

  • “It is better and wiser to learn from people who have passed through that path before.”
  • “Selfless giving is the glue to relationships and marriages.”
  • “If you are not adding value to your spouse every day, your marriage will fail sooner.”
  • “Sometimes rejection could be your only door to success.”
  • “The more you give to taking care of yourself, the more you’ll have for your relationships.”

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The Go-Giver Marriage by John and Ana Mann:
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