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THE228: How To Scale Up Your Business for Longevity with Alicia Maples

Our Guest is Alicia Maples

Alicia Maples

Understanding the value of what you provide and setting a standard for who you want to work with is the first step to your success. The importance of being an ethical, reliable, and genuine person can be hard when starting out in business. But learning to make it more about the other person than it’s about you is the key to building a successful relationship and brilliant connections in business. Your products or service is not about you it’s about your client. Charge for the value you want them to get from you rather than the amount you want from them. This will keep your business thriving and your clients happy.

Join the conversation with Alicia Maples as she shares, her consultancy career journey and the structure that has enabled her to grow and be successful in the space to provide with tools to be more, do more and achieve more. Alicia is the founder of a fourteen years consultancy firm Called Brilliant SMB.

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During this episode, you will learn about:

[00:04] A bit about Alicia career background

[00:59] Why Alicia named her consultancy business Brilliant SMB

[02:06] The difference between a coaching and consulting firm

[03:45] What Alicia offers in the consulting space

[04:54] Alicia sweet spot and how she works with her clients

[07:57] How to identify your A level and C level challenged clients

[10:17] Charging your worth and for the value you provide

[11:24] Alicia pivotal moment and the strategies that have sustained her business for 14 years

[21:19] Building your determination and trusting the process

[22:04] Alicia childhood entrepreneurship and how it shaped who she is today

[25:36] How Alicia landed on San Antonio periodical

[27:47] Showing up, being consistent, and building relationships

[28:58] Alicia role prior to building Brilliant SMB

[31:05] Key takeaway tips from the guest

Notable quotes

  • “Consultancy is like holding a mirror for people so they can see things they have been avoiding.”
  • “Mistakes are part of the process, and the longer you do something, the better you get.
  • “Making it more about the other person than it’s about you is the key to building a successful relationship.”
  • “The only function that price serves is to set the expectation of value.”

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