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First Things First…

You are here because you want to achieve something, have something, be something, do something or feel something.

Therefore, this is not about me at all. It’s about you. I may or may not be the perfect person to coach or mentor you.

But there’s only one way to find out…

Let’s see if anything here resonates and if there’s a connection.

Josh Cary photo

Who I Am (My Story and How I Got Here)

Josh Cary photoToday I am the Hidden Entrepreneur. That is because I spent 4 decades (yep, 40 years) hiding the best parts of myself. I showed up in every situation of life, personal, social, and business as the person I thought others expected me to be (good ol’ fashioned seeking approval).

I would HIDE my power. While also ignoring and resisting my skill, talent and ability that was desperately trying to surface. I wasn’t strong enough to allow it into the world. (Yet, ironically, I used all my strength to keep true ability at bay!)

So it remained hidden for years.

I allowed all others to help me perpetuate the false story and belief that I held as truth: That I am not valuable or capable, and nobody cares what I have to say or contribute.

That was my public persona. My private persona, alone and behind closed doors, secretly knew a different story.

I knew deep within myself that Josh Cary was very capable, very valuable, and had a great deal of power and skill to contribute.

But because I sold myself that false story for so long, I had no choice but to keep that version alive and continue to hide my power.

This dynamic created an ever-present emotion of anger, confusion, and frustration. I saw others doing the very things that I wanted to be doing. That I could be doing. That I should be doing. But I wasn’t doing.

Relationships suffered as I spiraled into despair and depression. I felt continually more and more isolated and disconnected from the world around me. And more disconnected from my true self.

I was lost.

I began to question the purpose of my existence and rarely found a satisfying answer.

I always knew that I’d like to have children “someday” and would welcome that role.

Today, I am blessed with two adoring children (8 year old daughter, Danica, and 6 year old son, Harrison) who have become my mirror for how life is meant to be expressed and experienced.

Danica and Harrison, to this day, continue to teach me how to best navigate the world and find joy and meaning in what’s important. I have become the person who has embraced his full power, full talent, and full ability in order to walk alongside my two children with maturity, strength, love and pride.

What I Do

I know what it’s like to be scared. I know what it’s like to show up in all situations of life (personal, social, business) insecure, lost, and in desperate need to just be liked, accepted, included.

It’s tiring and exhausting. And it does no one any good. But it’s a viscous cycle. You can’t see any way out.

But I am living, breathing proof that even after 40 years of feeling week, insecure, and in need to just have someone validate your existence, there is hope. Change happens. And when you are ready, it can happen quickly.

It’s absolutely possible.

I was the book definition of “anxiety” and I was able to systematically overcome an entire encyclopedia of bad, non-serving habits.

And I can help you do the same.

Let’s not lose site of one major point here…

This is about building or growing your BUSINESS. And it starts within.

The biggest thing I learned was, “I can’t tweak my business, until I tweak myself!”

And I was able to tweak myself slowly but surely by laying the cards on the table and taking an honest look at what I thinking, what I was feeling, and what I was doing.

If you’re scared, if you’re mind won’t quiet down, if you’re hiding behind fear as the reason (excuse) for staying exactly where you are right now, I can help.

Let’s talk. And let’s build or grow that amazing business you already envision!

This 2-minute video reiterates the two types of people most likely to benefit from working together.

Why? Because, most importantly, I’ve been both of those people and learned what it took to break free!  Let’s talk.

I Work Well with 2 Types of People

1. The entrepreneur who has yet to step into that role. You are working a job but often dream of the business you know you should be running.  You know you have the skill, passion and desire to pull this off.  You simply have not taken the first step to make it happen.  Let’s make it happen.

2. The entrepreneur in mid-career who frustratingly keeps hitting the wall.  You are living the dream.  You are doing what you love.  But now, 3-5 years in, you can’t reach that ‘next level’ you know you are capable of reaching.  And you don’t know what’s keeping you back.  Let’s knock that wall down together.

What It’s Like To Work With Me

It’s all about the results, right?  You want to feel a certain way, achieve a certain win, and do a certain thing.

The best way to describe what RESULTS you can expect from working together is best seen in this 60-second clip from a recent REAL CLIENT session.

As you’ll see, Sara has never felt better. And that’s a WIN for everyone.

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