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THE232: Coworking and its Benefits with Noelle Stary

Our Guest is Noelle Stary

Noelle Stary

Coworking spaces are a great way to get out of the office and work on your terms. They have been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve morale. If you’re looking for a new workspace or just want some new ideas for where to place your business, Noelle Stary has one for you.

Noelle Stary is the founder of The (CO)Working Spaces in Jersey, with locations in East Brunswick/South River and North Brunswick. In her own words, “We are home to freelancers, consultants, programmers, small business owners, telecommuters, independent professionals, and more. We are always reaching out to educate business owners on the benefit of co-working – a cost-effective alternative to renting your own office space.”

She is also a market leader with a full-service marketing company, 20 Lemons, which is focused on making businesses become market leaders. She helps companies develop marketing plans and road maps to gain more traffic and recurring interaction with a community-focused approach. She has worked with hundreds of businesses with a strong focus on hospitality. She received her B.S. in Business from the University of Maryland.

Tune in!

During this episode, you will learn about:

[00:04] Abit about our today’s guest, Noelle Stary

[01:23] The coworking business overview during the pandemic period

[04:04] Why she rebranded her company to The (co) Working Space

[06:01] Her reactions in the coworking space when covid was declared a pandemic

[09:24] How to be true to yourself and succeed in the coworking space

[15:17] How the business has repositioned in comparison to 8 years ago

[17:47] The business that inspired her to start a coworking business

[19:07] About her amazing marketing brand, The 20 Lemons

[21:59] Her 20 Lemons clientele

[23:05] How Covid has made her strong enough to overcome storms in business

[24:15] Key takeaways from Noelle

[24:53] Episode wrap up

Noelle’s Book:

Main Street Moxie: From Surviving to Thriving in the New American Marketplace:

Notable quotes

  • “Sometimes it’s wise to listen to the market and follow it.”
  • “The road to success isn’t straight. It zigzags, takes detours, and curves around obstacles as it moves forward.”
  • “Integrating your personality in your brand is key to its growth and success.”
  • “Networking is the best organic ways of developing relationships.”

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