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THE73: Be The Kind Of Person You Want To Be Around

Our Guests are Rnold Smith and Michelle Falcone

Rnold Smith and Michelle Falcone photoImagine for a second if there was an app available to improve your personal relationship by developing the habits that lead to deeper connection and greater intimacy — all while having fun!

Can’t be done, you say!  Well, would you believe it’s already been done.

I am talking about The Connection App, which was made specifically for those in a relationship — providing habit-forming Challenges designed to lead to deeper personal connections and intimacy.

For the record, this not only improves personal relationships but imagine what it can do for your business.

Our guests today are the creators of The Connection App.

Rnold Smith is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and consultant who specializes in behavior transformation. As an entrepreneur, focuses on solving complex problems with simple solutions.

And Michelle Falcone is a life and business coach who believes in the potential of every human being and is committed to helping those she works with to obtain a life they love.

Welcome Rnold Smith and Michelle Falcone.

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The Connection App

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