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THE72: The Magic of Mindset: A Magician’s Journey to Help You Break Free

Our Guest is Jennifer Royal

Jennifer S Royal photoOur guest today is a professional magician who had her first contact with magic at the age of 4 and her first stage appearance at age 7.

She is a member of the magic circle and studied all fields of magic – especially mentalism and hypnotism.

She has since created a business around doing magic by becoming an author, speaker, consultant and podcast host.

She speaks on The Magic Of Mindset, digging into why some people are thriving in life while others are trapped in repeating patterns?

The answer, she has found, is in the mindset.

When you learn some mind tricks on how to hack your own mind, everything will change. It can happen in an instant. Get ready to experience a new kind of magic by changing your perceptions and turning into the magician in your own life.

Welcome Jennifer Royal.

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