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THE71: Your Future Depends on What You Do Today

Our Guest is Whitney Vosburgh

Whitney Vosburgh photoOur guest today is co-author of the book WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY, an Amazon #1 New Release in category, and is about the Old Story of Profit First coming to an end and it must be replaced by the New Story of Purpose First if we are to prosper.

The old triple bottom line of ‘profit, people, planet’ is transitioning into the new bottom line of ‘planet, people, profit’. Why? It’s very simple—no planet, no people. And no people, no profit. As there is no time like now. The book provides 3 sequential steps to follow your path into the new story and to achieve this transition successfully:

1. PURPOSE—the why of our lives and the unique gifts we have to offer.

2. PLACE—with whom and where to best share those gifts.

3. PRACTICE—how and when to best share those gifts.

I can’t wait to dig into this.

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