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THE42: The Ultimate Self-Awareness Process To Pull Yourself From The Darkness

Our Guest is Kenny Weiss

Coach Kenny Weiss photoKenny Weiss wrote an important book for the person who is hungry for an answer. He knows that feeling. He was stuck in it for years and as a Coach and Speaker, and noticed there is a constant theme for us all.

We have read all of the success books, we have gone to the seminars but when we go to execute their wonderful information a feeling comes up. We lay in bed and just don’t “feel” like doing what they suggest even though we know it will make our life better.

That “feeling” stops us from executing one or more steps they suggest we take to make our lives better. Kenny couldn’t overcome that feeling either. Here he was an alcoholic, a sex addict, sugar addict, spending addict, tobacco addict, love addict, he had gone bankrupt, been through two horrific divorces, a child custody battle, and played two professional sports he never wanted to play and he contemplated suicide.

None of the books showed him or explained where that feeling comes from, why we all get it and how to overcome it. Without that information, Kenny couldn’t execute all of their wonderful suggestions. So he took all of that great information from all of those great success teachers, collated it and then added to it.

Kenny candidly discusses where that feeling comes from, why we all get it and how to overcome it. His book bridges the gap. When you have this information, this skillset to overcome that “feeling” than you can put into place all of their incredible advice and have the personal and professional success we are all searching for.

This episode explores Kenny’s past, his story, and how you can powerfully move through it. Take a listen.

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