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THE43: The Curious Career of Two Musicians Who Fell in Love

Our Guests are Chris and Jessie Apple

Chris and Jessie Apple photoMeet The Apples! They have a curious career and a gypsy life…

Traveling around in their Honda Element singing, making music, making friends and trying to “make it” in the kids music industry. This is a story of two struggling artists who had day jobs that changed their lives and made them fall in love.

They are award winning leaders in the kid’s music field. By day, they teach Little Rockers, cool kids music classes for preschoolers and their families, along with 10 other Teaching Artists they have trained. At night they plan and scheme, trying to keep their small business on track and working on building an empire.

It gets tough to work all day, everyday with your spouse. Just try it! Sparks inevitably fly, but the Apples are a team and have realized that they have big dreams that they can accomplish better together than apart.

From the beginning Chris & Jessie were separately working on obtaining their dreams. Chris wanted to be a world famous rocker, traveling all over – and Jessie wanted to be a Broadway baby – winning Tonys and doing shows 8 days a week in NYC.

As struggling artists, working on those dreams, they had day jobs (like every artist in the world) except theirs were slightly different from waiting tables or tending bar.

They did children’s preschool music classes for another kid’s music company. This allowed them to still work on their craft and have some income. When Chris’ band was off tour and in town he would do a few kids classes.

Jessie would do classes in the morning and then perform in Off-Broadway shows at night, most notably “Tony and Tina’s Wedding”.

This day job is where they met and fell in love.

Tune in and hear all the details of this extraordinary musical (and loving) duo.

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