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THE226: How To Find Joy and Success In Your Business With Jennifer Trask

Our Guest is Jennifer Trask

Jennifer Trask

Most entrepreneurs often have a lot of joy at the beginning of their journey, but as time goes by and the reality of the business hits, the hustle mentality starts to set in, which is what depletes the joy. Sometimes it can be easy to get soaked up into the gravity and difficulties of running a business but learning how to handle it with ease will help you inject joy into your life and business.

You are your business. If you’re unhappy in your business, this will also translate into your life as well. In today’s episode, I’m joined by Jennifer Trask, the founder and head coach of Joyous journey membership and community. Jennifer works with coaches to help them build profitable and sustainable businesses.

During the episode, Jennifer shares practical tools to help you move your emotions up on the scale to create a joyous life in business, have more fun in what you’re doing, be yourself, and stand out to make a difference in your space.

During this episode, you will learn about:

[00:01] Who is Jennifer Trask

[00:28] About the Joyous Journey Community

[01:55] How to inject joy in your life and business

[03:42] Jennifer’s advice on how you can market yourself

[05:36] Jennifer’s endeavors before creating the joyous community

[09:06] Jennifer’s journey and inspirations of her coaching career

[12:24] What enables Jennifer to stand out in the crowded industry

[16:48] How to build relationships and connections in your niche

[20:35] The right and the wrong reasons why people get into coaching

[23:04] What you need to recognize in yourself before getting a coach

[26:21] The kind of results that Jennifer gets for her clients

[30:29] Takeaway from the guest

Notable quotes

  • “Joy is the name of the game. “
  • “You have to embody the thing that you’re selling.”
  • “Business in life is life in business, there is no separation.”
  • “The easiest way to stand out is to be yourself.”
  • “Give quality not quantity “
  • “99% is hard and 100% is easy.”

You’ve made it to the end of the show. Thank you for listening to the hidden entrepreneur podcast. For more similar episodes, head on over to my website Please consider leaving a review and sharing with your friends and family!

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