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THE214 PodMAX: The Wealth Conscious Coach – AJ Bishop

Our Guest is AJ Bishop

AJ Bishop

This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge.

Special guest host Rocky Lalvani leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration.

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AJ Bishop is the CEO of and Founder of My Wealth Conscious Coach. She spent over 15 years in the wealth management industry, holding senior level positions such as Managing Director and Senior Vice President at major players, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo Advisors and MUFG Union Bank.

She is a self-made millionaire who comes from humble beginnings as the youngest of three daughters of a strong-willed Brazilian mother. Even though her mother barely completed the 2nd grade, she taught her daughters how powerful a vision could be and how through dedication and hard work anything is possible!

AJ is a true powerhouse and personal transformation is kind of her thing. She enjoys being a source of inspiration for ambitious and driven women in male dominated workplaces. She sees her purpose on this planet as being a stand for women in becoming their personal best. Her authenticity and candor have earned her the title of being called “the modern day Suze Orman meets Oprah!”

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