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THE156: From Marketing Client to Marketing Maven with Jaime O’Connor

Our Guest is Jaime O’Connor

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If there is one thing I want in this world, it’s to see the people in my life (friends, family, clients, dogs…) thrive beyond their wildest dreams. Its what drives me and why I care about performance based results.

After years of working as the client with agencies, I have experienced the range of them… The good, the bad, the ones with to many clients, the ones who sold us on their skills yet had none… And I was over it.

I was done relying on others and their lack of strategy, so I dug in.

I learned from the best and innovated on ideas that were working and learned from strategies that failed.

I went from agencies telling me that impressions, reach and engagements were the only areas they could guarantee performance to getting 3 to 5 times return on ad spend on my own. I knew they were wrong and I was on to something.

As someone who has over 12 years on the client side, I know the type of performance that should be expected. And it’s time to change the lip service Marketing Managers and Directors get without results.

And now I want to help you. Let’s grow your business together.


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