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THE134: Put Yourself in Life and Death Scenarios So There’s No Option But To Succeed

Our Guest is Mike Bonadies

Mike Bonadies photoMike Bonadies had his first job as a Carnie when he was 16 years old, the person whose job it is to rope you in and get you to play the carnival games.

He says being a Carnie helped him learn invaluable life and sales skills because a Carnie is like “cold calling on steroids!”

He has taken those critical life skills and successfully applied them to his life and business today. Among other things, Mike is a rental investor and property manager.

He placed himself purposely in situations that were life and death, like hitchhiking in extreme areas in the Middle East, for one example. Why would he do this, you might ask? It was a straight upside scenario. You have to succeed, or else… There’s no option for a downside.

“Maintain a mindset of you have to succeed, you will find a way.”

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