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THE133: When Parent Expectations and Cultural Norm Vastly Differ From Your Own Desires

Our Guest is Shomail and Farhan Malik

Shomail and Farhan Malik photoWhat do you do when all your life, it’s expected from your parents and through cultural norm, that you become an engineer and your brother becomes a doctor?

And what do you do when both you and your brother have no interest in that path, but rather see a better, much more suited direction for your life?

You make a deal directly with your parents and go out for one year attempting to succeed in your chosen fields.

Can you make it work? Will your parents allow you to continue on even if you are a success after one year?

This was the real life situation my guests today found themselves in. Meet brothers Shomail and Farhan Malik.

Today, the brothers are co-owner’s in one of New Jersey’s largest providers of turn-key cashflow properties, APEX Capital Group.

Tune in to hear the fascinating story of these two driven brothers.

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