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THE131: How Persistence Led Two Powerful Individuals To Become One Powerful Couple

Our Guest is Christine and Marco Padilla

Christine and Marco PadillaMy guests today had every right to feel a bit nervous since they’ve never done anything like this before.

This interview was the absolute first podcast interview Marco has ever given, and once we get going you truly wouldn’t know it.

I was immediately fascinated by their story. She is an entrepreneur and he is a Philadelphia Police Officer.

He always felt there was something more to life. And lucky for him, he found more. Much more.

Today, this power couple are the founders of Robin Hood Properties, a real estate investment company.

I mean it when I say this is one of the most charming stories and interviews I’ve ever conducted, evident at least through the story of how these two met. Trust me, if you appreciate a good love story, this is the episode for you.

And if you appreciate a story of grit, grace, desire and persistence in every pursuit of your life, this is also the episode for you.

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With that, here are two of the most kind and beautiful people, both inside and out, that you will ever meet… Here’s my interview with Christine and Marco Padilla.

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