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THE130: Focus On The Next Best Thing Instead of The Future

Our Guest is Bianca Caban

Bianca Caban photoOur guest today is Managing Director of SheWorx (recently acquired by Republic), a collective of ambitious female entrepreneurs and change-makers redefining the next wave of leadership.

Meet Bianca Caban, born and raised in the Bronx, NY and of Puerto Rican descent.

Her mom is a nurse and her dad is a civil rights attorney, and her family’s aspiration for proving themselves and building a stable financial future peeks through in her own career track.

Bianca started working on Wall Street at firms including Credit Suisse and BlackRock, which is where she got exposure to doing business in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

A professor once told her not to focus on the future (including 2-5 years from now), but instead to focus on the next best thing. Ask yourself: “What feels right for you to do next, immediately?”

Listen in to hear Bianca’s life lessons and choices that lead her to the extraordinary place she is today.

(This interview was recorded during Podcast Row.)

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