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THE167: You Have Nothing To Fix If You Just Go With The Flow

Our Guest is Stephanie Venditto

Stephanie Venditto

They say go with the flow. What if ‘the flow’ is constantly changing?

How do you handle (read: accept!) the only constant in life; Change!

That’s the theme of today’s episode. Accepting all of the beautiful change that defines our lives.

Our guest today spent more than 20 years building a successful career as an actress, appearing consistently on the big screen and small screen.

Once the characters she was hired to play no longer resonated with her, she made an abrupt choice to leave the industry.

She found her way travelling to Italy where she was able to discover different parts of herself. This journey has led her to exactly where she is today.

A coach that will help you make the choices to do what you deeply want to do.

Welcome Stephanie Venditto.

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