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THE108: Rock The Damn Boat and Put Yourself First

Our Guest is Nancy Levin

Nancy Levin photoDo you feel that going after what you want is selfish? Would you like to set healthy boundaries without guilt?

How about being able to retire your people pleasing and overachieving ways?

On the outside your life looks perfect. But, deep down inside you know that something is “off”; you feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

You have a momentary thought that maybe you could make a change, but in the end, you don’t dare rock the boat. Afraid that if you did, you would disappoint everyone. Worse yet? If they found out who you really were, no one would love you.

Sound familiar? That was certainly my world for a long time.

Our guest today has the antidote and is the bestselling author of Jump … And Your Life Will Appear, Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth, and The New Relationship Blueprint.

She’s a Master Integrative Life Coach and the creator of the Destination ME Private Coaching Community, guiding clients to live life on their own terms.

She was also the Event Director at Hay House from 2002-2014, and now hosts her own weekly call-in radio show Jump Start Your Life on Hay House Radio.

We are about to discover the steps to make your needs a priority. Our guest wants you to rock the damn boat and put yourself first.

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