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THE105: Learn To Receive Clear Messages From Your Spirit Guides and Angels

Our Guests are Ken Lewicki and Kim Wuirch

Ken Lewicki and Kim Wuirch photoKen Lewicki is a Channeler, Reiki Master, and a Past-Life Regression healer.

For over a decade, he has honed his spiritual abilities to connect directly with a person’s being, their guides, and the angels and archangels who assist him in determining the exact areas where they need assistance.

Through one-on-one Skype sessions or in large groups, Ken specializes in teaching people how to connect with their Spirit Guides.

These powerful training sessions help clients identify who their guides are and how to receive information from them. It’s important to receive clear messages from our guides so they can better assist us in achieving our soul’s purpose for incarnating in this lifetime.

Ken works with his partner Kim Wuirch, author of Waking Up An Empath and Awakened Empath. Together, they do one-on-one healing sessions, training workshops, and spiritual development classes around North America.

They offer Infinity Healings where Kim and Ken heal large groups of people. They facilitate leading-edge Channelling workshops, Empath Development courses, and Reiki Master and Akashic Records Certification programs. For bookings, private message them directly through the link below.

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