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THE04: Serve Those Directly in Front of You by Following Your Heart

Our Guest is Nicholas Bayerle

Nicholas Bayerle photoAnd just like that, it’s Episode 4 of The Hidden Entrepreneur Show, thanks for tuning in. I am your host Josh Cary.

Nicholas Beyerle is the founder of The Billion Dollar Body, a lifestyle brand for high performing men to achieve health and wealth. But please don’t be fooled. Most everything we discuss is fully applicable to the women in our audience too. I promise you that.

There is so much fascination with Nicholas, his brand and his story (least of which is that he’s only 26 years old and has already accomplished amazing things…)

But one of the most eye opening parts of our discussion is when I asked him to define in his own words what exactly is a billion dollar body.

What I loved is that it’s not so much about six pack abs and chiseled arms, but rather, as with most things on this journey it’s about your mindset, your outlook on things.

In other words, if you today, right now, begin to TREAT your body as if it’s worth a billion dollars (and really, how could you put a price tag on it’s value) you will inadvertently and quite deliberately TREAT it that way in every regard.

Think about it. You will consider more intentionally what you put into your body, how you fuel your body, how you rest your body. Right?

That alone was so impactful for me to begin embracing. It’s nothing more than a shift in how you view and care for your body.

And this my friends is only minute one of our dialogue. Believe me when I say Nicholas is genuine, accomplished, and has a story that will give you the chills. Here we go…

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