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THE03: Taking The Chance to Do More, Give More, and Be More

Our Guest is Shelagh Cummins

Shelagh Cummins photoMy exceptional guest today is Shelagh Cummins, who came to this show by recommendation from a friend. She said, go reach out to Shelagh, I think she’s perfect for you.

And perfect she is.  Shelagh spent 15 years in the classroom teaching and for at least 5 of those years was longing for something else.  (Relatable much!?)

While at the top of her pay scale and a deep burning desire to do more, be more and give more, she finally found a way out. Knowing she still had a family counting on her support, she set a goal and made a promise to at least match the income she was earning as a teacher through whatever her next career path would look like.

It certainly has not been an easy success story right out of the gate, but through plenty of self-reflection, self-awareness, and the desire to continue to teach, Shelagh is in every way living her dream today.

She truly has so much good, so much wisdom, and so much insight to share, I am already in love with this episode.  I’m sure you will be too. Here we go…


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