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THE89: Change Is Inevitable: Embrace The Time Between ‘What Was’ and ‘What’s Next’

Our Guest is Jon DeWaal

Jon DeWaal photoYou know those times of change in your life, whether it’s with a job or career, or in a relationship, or a growth and change within yourself, and you find yourself smack in the middle of the familiar and the completely unknown?

You know that it’s time to move forward, to move on, to leave the familiar or the comfortable behind, but you have no clue what’s ahead.

And of course that can be scary, frightening, perhaps thrilling, but it’s unknown. And all these emotions kick in. Fear, doubt, concern.

That space in time when you find yourself in a life transition like that is called a liminal space, the time between the “what was” and the “next.”

Imagine having the professional guidance to help you navigate successfully through these times of change.

Our guest today is Executive Director and transition guide at Liminal Space. A place with developed tools, resources, and workshops that help you approach you own liminal space and navigate any life transition with boldness and confidence.

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