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THE55: The Sky’s The Limit: Turn Your Vision into Reality

Our Guest is Marc Sellouk

Marc Sellouk photoMarc Sellouk is the president and CEO of Flewber, an air taxi service designed to be accessible to everyone, not just elite passengers.

Flewber is a combination of Marc’s passion for aviation and two decades of experience founding and leading a business.

As the leader of his telecom company Transbeam, Marc spent countless hours shuffling through airport security for quick flights to meetings in nearby cities, only to go through the gamut once again on a same-day return trip.

The experience led him to create an alternative. Flewber circumvents the inconvenience of airport travel by offering passengers an affordable door-to-door air taxi service.

Flewber is not Marc’s first rodeo. He founded Transbeam as a 20-year-old college student and then set to work growing the company.

Initially, Marc operated Transbeam as a one-man show, navigating FCC regulations and serving as the sole customer service representative. Over the next two decades, the company grew by leaps and bounds, ultimately evolving into a multi-million dollar organization. Now, at age 42, Marc is leveraging his experience and the successful sale of Transbeam to self-fund the launch of Flewber.

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