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THE53: What It Takes To Create The Life You Most Want

Our Guest is Stephen Larson

Stephen Larson photoHow do you feel about the words Sales and Marketing? If you’re like most, it’s right up there with gouging your eyes out with a knitting needle, right?

You probably see it as a necessary evil.

I know I did for so long until I adjusted my definition of what it really means and how to apply it in a way that feels right and presents an offer to my ideal client that they will adore.

Our guest is a master at all things Sales and Marketing but he wasn’t always that way. Just like everything else in life, it’s a skill you can master too.

Our guest is Stephen Larson, and he spent 4 years learning from the most brilliant marketers today before leaving his 9to5 job to build his own million dollar business.

Today, through his very success podcast, he shares it all so you can learn and apply the same marketing strategies he’s used to grow his online business.

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