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THE25: Trust Your Journey ~ The 3 Words That Helped Her Survive Breast Cancer

Our Guest is Beth Brownlee

Beth Brownlee photoBeth Brownlee is a 13-year survivor of cancer.

Before cancer, she was a senior-level sales and marketing professional with extensive experience in the Sporting Goods and Outdoor Recreation industries.

Being diagnosed with cancer brought her to evaluate all that was important in her life! She rediscovered the world after suffering through her deepest darkest times fighting cancer.

Her doctors here in Atlanta said she was the poster child for the harsh effects of chemotherapy; She was so sick even her fingernails fell off. At one point, she wasn’t sure she wanted to live!

Then, she received a get-well gift in the mail inscribed with three simple words: Trust Your Journey! That was it! Those words profoundly spoke to her and brought such comfort and peace. Everything suddenly made sense. She had to believe and trust this awful cancer would lead to good – someday, somehow.

Beth fought through the treatments and returned to work to find out she no longer had a job! If cancer couldn’t take her down, she certainly wasn’t going to let corporate America kick me in the teeth!

So, she started her own company called – Trust Your Journey. She was stunned when the Facebook page soared to 3 Million Followers just from posts that were inspiring, uplifting, encouraging others to rise above their challenges!

She and her business partner developed products with Trust Your Journey themes and people bought them to share with others who also faced tough challenges.

Then, she wrote the book: Trust Your Journey – 30 daily meditations for finding joy, peace and purpose in life’s challenges. No matter where the reader may be in their personal journey or how big or small their challenges are, this book will resonate with them, inspire and comfort them!

After several years, she’s decided her calling is to help people to overcome their negative self-talk and realize they can become their best selves. Becoming a Certified Life Coach led her right down that path. More recently, she’s partnered with two professionally accomplished friends and Trilogy Performance Works Executive Coaching was born. Business leaders face challenges too, right?

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