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THE222: Aging Gracefully is a Full-time Job

Our Guest is Deborah Driggs

Deborah Driggs

From her start as a Playboy Centerfold and Covergirl to her life as a Screen Actors’ Guild member and later, achieving the Top 5% in her industry as a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, Deborah Driggs has had to clear many hurdles in life. While it may seem like Deborah’s success came easy to her, nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, she has had to overcome a number of challenges in life to get to where she is today. What is true – and a part of her character – is her willingness to take risks, maintain a positive attitude, and never take ‘No’ for an answer.

Deborah is now back working in the business she loved so much with a different appreciation. The appreciation that this is “Show Business” and as an entrepreneur, she now has that mindset and understands things so much differently.

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