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THE220: Unlock The Power of Your Words with Dolores Hirschmann

Our Guest is Dolores Hirschmann

Dolores Hirschmann
Dolores Hirschmann works with Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Executives to CLARIFY their messages. Her clients gain the CLARITY they need to communicate and engage their audience, teams, and stakeholders. Her clients shift from talking about what they do to talking about what they stand for. They lead the conversation. They become THOUGHT LEADERS. Thought Leadership allows her clients to realize the financial and impact goals they envision.

Dolores believes in people and IDEAS and she knows that lack of CLARITY in communication, planning, and execution is what comes between great IDEAS and the IMPACT these ideas can have in the world.

As a Coach, Dolores believes in aligning her clients with what makes them flow with the strategy that the project/company needs. What she brings to the table is her academic business background, entrepreneurship experience, her skills as a TEDx Organizer (one of the largest TEDx in the East Coast) & training as an Executive Coach. She aligns the person to their message and the action.

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