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THE218: Learn From The Story of 2 Inspiring Guests, Elizabeth Guthridge and Joel Krant

Our Guests are Elizabeth Guthridge and Joel Krant

Elizabeth Guthridge

Elizabeth Guthridge firmly believes that we all need to be physically, mentally, and financially well. It’s no secret that people from all walks of life are suffering in silence when it comes to their financial situations. Her organization empowers people by teaching financial literacy with our flagship service being credit restoration.

Elizabeth is a seasoned and accomplished Human Resources professional with a strong background in leading and managing HR initiatives. Her proven senior-level experience in decision-making, policy direction, business planning, and employee relations paved the way for my current career. She’s excited to bring my talents, expertise, and concern for her community to promote Financial Wellness. Her work with individuals one-on-one as well as partnering with employers to share her expertise with their employees has been fulfilling.

Joel Krant

Joel Krant has been in the real estate industry since 1996. His company is composed of a group of creative professionals dedicated to serving clients 7 days a week.

He did his first BRRRR type loan in the late 1990s the need to help investors make the transition from entry to clean exit is running rampant everywhere and growing. The opportunity to use their actual experience to help the investor marketplace accomplish their goals was a natural opportunity for both sides.

Joel started as a sales representative at Eastman Kodak and move to become a trader on Wall Street for 22 years.

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Elizabeth Guthridge

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