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THE208 PodMAX: A Strategic Digital Marketing with Jaime O’Connor

Our Guest is Jaime O’Connor


Jaime O’Connor

This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge.

Special guest host Kami Guildner of Extraordinary Women Radio leads conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration.

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Jaime O’Connor

Inspired Focus Digital

Founder – Strategy Nerd – (M)Ad Scientist

Jaime O’Connor is a digital strategy nerd who is dedicated to helping brands understand their growth opportunities in the digital landscape. Her windy path to building Inspired Focus Digital has included selling scrunchies in 4th grade, a grocery delivery business, a social enterprise that bled itself dry, and an event operations company.

She has also built marketing teams at venture-backed organizations and bootstrapped products brands that achieved 6x growth and 8 figure success. She has worked with major organizations like the NFL, NCAA, USA Cycling, and growing brands like Pro Challenge, Silipint, Happy Hair Brush, and Savor Beauty. She is on a mission to educate up-and-coming brands with the knowledge they need to level up and play in the professional arena.

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