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THE163: Focus on Paying Yourself First and Make Better Financial Decisions

Our Guest is Rocky Lalvani

Rocky Lalvani

Nothing gives more internal emotional turmoil than the topic of money. Certainly every entrepreneur loses plenty of sleep trying desperately to connect the dots and implement the strategy needed to make more money.

It’s a powerful barometer of our success.

Perhaps you subscribe to the idea of a money mindset, which basically states that your conscious and subconscious thoughts around money dictate whether you attract or detract money.

Another accurate school of thought is that money is energy, and that when your own frequency and vibration matches the energy of money, more of it will easily flow your way.

I’m happy to welcome our guest to the show, who talks about different aspects of finances with business owners.

Meet Rocky Lalvani.

Simply put, Rocky helps small business owners with their financial decisions.

As a certified Profit First adviser, Rocky focuses on profit first using a system created by Mike Michalowicz that has helped thousands of companies realize their maximum profit potential.

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