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THE141: Get Back Into Your Natural State of Well-being

Our Guest is Sylvia Hall

Sylvia Hall photoIf you’ve known me for any length of time prior to about two years ago, it was probably obvious that I was the textbook definition of anxious!

I felt angry, lost, frustrated most moments of everyday. My mind would not stop racing and if I wanted any relief from those anxious thoughts, I’d need some sort of drug to give me that temporarily relief.

I only wish I had met our guest today back then.

Meet Sylvia Hall. Sylvia is the founder and creator of Lifted Naturals, a line of mood boosting probiotics that allow you to treat your anxiety naturally. Imagine that!

Anxiety and mood issues are not all in your head. But they could be in your gut.

Sylvia knows first hand how difficult it can be to struggle with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. She was a stay at home mom, who turned her idea for a mood probiotic into a million dollar (AND GROWING) business.

After a tough go-around with postpartum depression and anxiety, she decided there had to be a better way to feel better. That led to the birth of LIFTED, her well-being brand.

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