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THE11: You Can Use These Same Traits That All Leaders Have To Improve Your Life

Our Guest is Ron Carucci

Ron Carucci photoWhen you hear the word leader, what comes to mind? Perhaps the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the General of a big army?

That used to be my visual until I realized every one of us are leaders in a variety of ways throughout our day to day lives.

You are the leader of your household, for example. Meaning you are the one responsible for making sure all the tasks get done. You, as leader, need to determine WHAT needs to get accomplished, everything from laundry, bills, dinner, shopping, clothing for the kids, toys for the kids, driving to and from their activities, and a hundred other things that fall in your lap as the leader of your world.

Leadership is a skill that can (and should) be learned by you, no matter where you apply it your life.

My guest today is a smart man. It’s Ron Carucci. He and his company is your first phone call when you’re a CEO and senior executive of a big corporation and things aren’t going as planned.

It’s no secret that not all “leadership” is created equal. Ron and his consulting firm led a ten-year study which included over 2700 leadership interviews to help fully understand the big and small pictures.

This study revealed the consistent display of mastery across four highly-correlated dimensions, that he details in our talk. It’s fascinating. And it’s something that anyone can implement at any point in their careers.

In fact, I also ask him directly if this type of leadership can be applied to my role as a father, parenting my two amazing children.

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes and appears in many different places in our lives, in and out of the office.

Ron’s personal life, like most everyone’s, isn’t without early heartache and loss, but the way he got himself through it over the years is inspiring.

I’m sure you’ll hang on Ron’s every word like I did. Here we go…

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