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THE09: Bringing Fun and Play into Your Success

Our Guest is Dave Blum

Dave Blum photoHow much is FUN a part of your day to day business? How much is FUN a part of your day to day life? Perhaps more to the point, how important is PLAY, EXPLORATION and BONDING to everything you do?

My guest found the sweet spot between creating a business that supports him financially with a business that is not only fun and exciting for him, but one that literally adds that dimension to corporations.

Meet Dr. Clue, aka Dave Blum, who creates puzzle-based treasure hunts in and around cities all across the land for corporations to use as their team building events and outings for their employees.

So much good comes out of that for all involved. But what’s even more fascinating is that Dave was able to merge all of his passions, skills and abilities into this career when, at 32 years old, he was at a job working under a CEO with a “volcanic temper” all the while making $11.75 an hour.

He’s certainly a case study for following your bliss and making a desired change at any time in your life.

Let’s listen in to the Treasure Hunt Master himself… Here we go…

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