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We work with BRANDS (and more importantly, the key personnel within the brand) to connect with their intended audience through podcasts.

This is accomplished in 3 steps:

  • Intensive 1:1 media training to identify your core message and surrounding stories
  • Filling your calendar with guest spots on the perfect shows to get your message heard and goals met
  • Turning your guest appearances into additional marketing assets
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Case Study: Andrew Myers

GOAL: Andrew Myers is a well seasoned entrepreneur and sales person. He knew it was time to take everything he has learned over the years and get his message out on podcasts. With his vast life and business experience, the challenge was to take all of the possible messaging, topics and stories and help Andrew focus on one core message and theme that would resonate with his intended audience.

OUTCOME: Andrew was able to get consistently booked on the right professional shows for his desired goals while growing his brand and thought leadership platform. Aside from the guest appearances (that build the right relationships) we repurpose the guest spots into additional marketing assets including articles, video clips and sound bites.

SHORT BIO: Andrew Myers began in sales and marketing at 16 years old selling toys door to door and eventually stumbled into the world of selling cars at staffed event sales all over the country. Both jobs required a keen understanding of short, succinct, powerful sales language that worked more often than not! After spending time as a paratrooper in the US military, he explored a passion for making videos and successfully started a nationally recognized custom video studio with his brother in the heart of Seattle that was focused on the Automotive Industry and creating strong sales-optimized videos. What’s Next Media was later purchased by an automotive advertising company.

Social Media Assets

Full Episode

Articles Created from Appearances

  • Article:

    7 Steps to Growing a Business

  • Article:

    How To Grow Your Business with an Abundant Mindset

  • Article:

    Using Video To Succeed In Business

Additional Client Social Media Assets

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