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THE203 PodMAX: Incorporating Videos into Marketing

Our Guest is Kristin Jekielek

Kristin Jekielek

This episode was recorded at an exclusive event called PodMAX where founders had an opportunity to share their stories and knowledge.

Special guest host Lauren Heath of The Empathpreneur leads the conversation down a path of insights, solutions, and collaboration.

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Kristin Jekielek

Kristin Jekielek is the Founder of Value Video Marketing. After graduating college with an honors degree in astrophysics, Kristin worked as a software consultant for a Fortune 50 company delivering innovative software technologies. While launching a side hustle, Kristin was making her own marketing videos from home. Within a few months, she notice something strange. She had even more business owners interested in her marketing videos than in her offering. Being an entrepreneur, Kristin quickly jumped at the opportunity to serve founders by delivering videos designed for business growth.

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