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THE116: Overcome Stress and Anxiety Through Your Journey to Cloud Nine

Our Guest is Jordan Gross

Jordan Gross photoOur guest today is fully invested in making our days and our lives a little bit happier.

He is the creator of the #JourneyToCloudNine initiative and set out on a mission to understand happiness in its simplest and most basic form.

Meet Jordan Gross. I first came across Jordan and his work when I noticed an article he wrote titled:

“I Asked 6 Homeless People “What is the Happiest Part of Your Day and The Answers Brought Tears to my Eyes”

Jordan is a trailblazer for positive change, optimism, and the belief that our daily actions can help us all overcome stress and anxiety. He is also a writer, leadership coach, TEDx speaker, and self-proclaimed multipotentialite.

Connect Further with Jordan Gross

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I Asked 6 Homeless People “What is the Happiest Part of Your Day?” and the Answers Brought Tears to my Eyes

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